Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite 

Production and Test Engineers looking for low cost, simple, and short development cycles will appreciate the Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite, which consists of a DLL and a complete LabVIEW driver library and fully documented API. Full TestStand support is also provided including a complete library of TestStand custom step types and tight integration into the menus of the TestStand application software. Sample test sequence files are provided that perform completely automated fully functional image sensor tests.

  • Standard DLL
  • LabVIEW Driver Library
  • Tight TestStand Integration 

The Test and Automation Suite includes a complete LabVIEW driver package as well as TestStand custom step type (integrated into the menus) and pre-written TestStand sequence fields for complete control and automation of the ISL-3200 hardware, the Advanced Analysis Package routines, sensor communication, and external instrument control.



The Image Sensor Lap application software running on a host computer is typically what is used to communicate and control the ISL-3200 hardware and the connected image sensor.

The  ISL Test and Automation Suite provides a development platform for building customized test and automation applications that utilize the ISL-3200 instrument and pre-written control and analysis routines normally accessed through the ISL application software.

The ISL software layers and components are shown in the diagram below:

ISL LabVIEW Drivers

The Image Sensor Lab LabVIEW drivers provide complete control over the ISL-3200 instrument. The full functionality is exposed through these LabVIEW drivers. All end user applications and test and automation software share this common driver software.
NOTE: The DLL API is equivalent to the LabVIEW Driver API (has the exact duplicate functions.)

TestStand Test Automation Integration

The LabVIEW driver layer is fully exposed to users of TestStand and all the VIs contained on the VI Tree can be used in custom LabVIEW or TestStand software applications.

Although users can call the LabVIEW driver VIs directly from TestStand, the ISL Driver VI functionality has been more tightly integrated into TestStand and implemented as "custom step types". Instead of hand linking the VIs into TestStand, users have all the same functionality available as custom test types and functions are easily inserted into user sequences directly from the TestStand menus.