Cost Effective Image Sensor Test and Characterization

Jova Solutions' Image Sensor Lab™ is the most comprehensive, lowest cost test solution for image sensor devices and systems. As a fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software test package for image sensors and camera modules, it provides a full range of interfaces, controls, advanced image analysis test routines, evaluation, and characterization capabilities in one easy to use, low-cost, small-footprint solution.

  • Embedded power supplies with V&O Measurement

  • Image data capture (32-128MB on-board memory)

  • Sensor I2C or SPI communications

  • Programmable master clock and digital I/O

  • USB 2.0 HS or PCIe connection to host computer



USB Instruments

Jova Solutions TIMS-0102 USB to I2C and SPI interface adapter offers a quick and easy method of communicating with I2C and SPI devices and circuits. The TIMS-0102 module is completely self-contained and powers itself from the USB interface. The design includes an I2C voltage buffer for mixed signal level use, programmable logic, and programmable clock-rates, all to support rapid prototyping of circuits that use the I2C and SPI protocols. 


Jova Solutions Announces Low-Cost CMOS Image Sensor Tester ISL-3200
ISL-3200, a “Game-Changing” Approach, Epitomizes Industry Trend Toward Low-Cost, High-Function Testers at a Fraction of ATE Prices

September 29, 2009 04:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Jova Solutions, a pioneer in low-cost, high-function automated testing solutions, today announced its next-generation image sensor tester, the ISL-3200. The ISL-3200 is a CMOS image sensor test and measurement system, which, for as little as$9,995, provides the integrated hardware and software required for testing a wide variety of image sensor devices and systems. The ISL-3200 epitomizes an industry trend toward cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for a variety of test environments -- from QA test in volume manufacturing to engineering characterization and image quality analysis.