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Image Sensor Lab Advanced Analysis Library

Image Sensor Lab Advanced Analysis Library is an add-on library of advanced image analysis routines that are tightly integrated into the Image Sensor Lab application software, and includes many of the characterization tests typically performed on image sensors during manufacturing or verification testing. All of the Advanced Analysis Libraries are also available at the API level through the Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite.

  • Uniformity and Non-Uniformity
  • Defective Pixel Detection (light and dark field)
  • Bayer Image Analysis
  • Dust and Particle Detection
  • Focus Accuracy
  • SFR/MTF Analysis (per ISO 12233)
  • Macbeth Color Accuracy
  • SMIA Characterization Library 

Both 2-D and 3-D image displays are available and there are color-lookup table based image display palettes that may be used to enhance specific intensity ranges.  All of the Advanced Analysis Library routines can be used on an entire image or an image component, such as a specific Bayer image plane or color component of an RGB image.

Bayer Analysis


Color Analysis

Bayer Plane Uniformity

Macbeth Chart Color Accuracy

Bayer Plane Non-Uniformity


Bayer Light Field Defective Pixels

SMIA Characterization Tests

Bayer Dark Field Defective Pixels

Dynamic Range

Monochrome Analysis

Vertical Fixed Pattern Noise

Focus Accuracy

Horizontal Fixed Pattern Noise

Spatial Frequency Response (SFR/MTF)

Temporal Noise

Photo Response Uniformity

Column Noise


Row Noise

Light Field Defective Pixels

Frame to Frame Flicker

Dark Field Defective Pixels

Dark Signal

Dust and Particles

Dark Signal Non-Uniformity