Image Sensor Application Software

isl app.png

  • Included with each ISL-3200 purchase
  • Complete ISL-3200 hardware control
  • Communicate with and control image sensors
  • Flexible image capture and display
  • Powerful sequencing/scripting engine for fast configuration and automation

Image Sensor Labs' basic application software is included with each ISL-3200 hardware purchase and provides users with direct control of the ISL-3200 hardware to communicate with and acquire images from an image sensor. The ISL-3200 hardware and application software contain all the system components and utilities needed to interface many different CMOS image sensors and other imaging devices. The application software provides flexible image capture, display and analysis capabilities and also provides a set of productivity tools that simplify the process of communicating with, and testing, image sensors.

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Image Sensor Lab Advanced Analysis Library

Image Sensor Lab Advanced Analysis Library is an add-on library of advanced image analysis routines that are tightly integrated into the Image Sensor Lab application software. It includes many of the characterization tests typically performed on image sensors during manufacturing or verification testing. All of the Advanced Analysis Libraries are also available at the API level through the Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite.

  • Uniformity and Non-Uniformity
  • Defective Pixel Detection (light and dark field)
  • Bayer Image Analysis
  • Dust and Particle Detection
  • Focus Accuracy
  • SFR/MTF Analysis (per ISO 12233)
  • Macbeth Color Accuracy
  • SMIA Characterization Library



Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite

The Image Sensor Lab Test and Automation Suite is available for automation or integration projects where the ISL-3200 hardware needs to be operated or controlled from something other than standard Windows menu application software.

Complete Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are available for:

  • DLL
  • LabVIEW Driver Library
  • TestStand Integration

The Test and Automation Suite includes a complete LabVIEW driver package as well as TestStand custom step type (integrated into the menus) and pre-written TestStand sequence fields for complete control and automation of the ISL-3200 hardware, the Advanced Analysis Package routines, sensor communication, and external instrument control.