Modular Instruments

Our low cost USB based instrumentation modules are suitable for a variety of automation tasks. Please browse the product information we have provided below, and contact us for additional details. In addition to our current product line, we develop custom hardware solutions to suit your requirements.


TIMS-0102 USB to I2C/SPI

Quick and easy method of communicating with devices that use the I2C or SPI communications protocol

The Jova Solutions TIMS-0102 USB to I2C and SPI interface adapter offers a quick and easy method of communicating with I2C and SPI devices and circuits. The TIMS-0102 module is completely self-contained and powers itself from the USB interface. The design includes an I2C voltage buffer for mixed signal level use, programmable logic, and programmable clock-rates, all to support rapid prototyping of circuits that use the I2C and SPI protocols.





TIMS-0201 USB Stepper Motor Controller 

Control your stepper motor quickly and easily through your computer's USB port

The Jova Solutions TIMS-0201 USB Stepper Motor Controller is a low-cost "plug and play" solutions for operating small to mid-size stepping motors.