Image Sensor Lab Application Software

Image Sensor Lab basic application software is included with each ISL-3200 hardware purchase and provides users with direct control of the ISL-3200 hardware to communicate with and acquire images from an image sensor. The ISL-3200 hardware and application software contains all the system components and utilities needed to interface many different CMOS image sensors and other imaging devices.

The application software provides flexible image capture, display and analysis capabilities and also provides a set of productivity tools that ease the process of communicating with and testing image sensors. 


Image Display and Storage

The Image Sensor Lab application software provides a built-in image window for displaying the output of the image sensor connected to the ISL-3200. The Image Sensor Lab application software provides full Bayer image support and includes a variety of built-in Bayer decoding and interpolation options. In addition to Bayer image types the application software supports RAW, RGB, and YCbCR (YUV).

Image files from disk can also be imported, viewed and analyzed. BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and AIPD file types are supported.  


Flexible and Customizable Image Data Decoding

Image Sensor Lab provides a flexible and customizable image data decoding subsystem. The image sensor byte or word stream is decoded into standard image buffers for use by the display and processing algorithms. There are pre-compiled optimized user selectable decoding options as well as a generalized swizzle editor that allows any mapping from a sensor output bit to the pixel in a display or processed image buffer. 


Sequencing/Scripting Engine

The Application software also provides a sequencing engine, including application scripting with which users can automate tedious start-up configuration or mode changing steps. The ISL hardware, I2C sensor communications, and the ISL application software can all be controlled by simple text sequence files.


Embedded Timer/Counter Instrument

The ISL-3200 contains a built-in Timer/Counter instrument that can measure any of the signals that are connected to the ISL hardware.  The event counter can measure signal transition per frame or per second. The counter/timer can also count the capture clock transitions when the selected count parameter is at the specified logic level, and over the gate period.


Basic Image Analysis

Basic image data analysis is also provided in the base Image Sensor Lab application software package. The software panel shown below displays the raw image data and includes histograms of the raw bytes and words. Bit count histograms are also provided and can detect bits that may be stuck high, low, or to another data line.