USB Instruments TIMS-0102 I2C Details

I2C Interface 

The TIMS-0102 provides a dedicated DB-9S connector for I2C communications. The I2C clock rate is programmable and supports both the 100KHz and 400KHz standard clock rates. The TIMS-0102 supports both 7 and 10 bit I2C addressing and operates as an I2C Master.

Pull-up Resistors

Users must supply pull-up resistors on the I2C SDA and SCL lines to the +Vref input signal. Since the overall net current requirements based on all devices that will be connected to the SDA or SCL lines should be considered when selecting the pull-up resistor values, it is left to the user to provide them.

Clock Rates

The TIMS-0102 support 127 clock rates including 100 KHz, 400 KHz, and 1 MHz. In addition, 252 other clock speeds are available between 39 KHz and 10 MHz, which can be used for non-standard communications, or for margin testing purposes.

Device Addressing

The TIMS-0102 supports both 7 and 10-bit I2C device addressing. 


Overall command and data throughput to an I2C device from a host computer through the TIMS-0102 module can be affected by many variables, including setup time and the I2C protocol overhead. The operating system also affects overall throughput. All devices on the USB bus share the overall bandwidth and the operating system must alternately service each device. Reducing the number of USB devices connected to the same root hub as the TIMS-0102 will reduce the possibility of performance degradation.

Known Limitations

The TIMS-0102 firmware version 1.0 supports only Master mode operation. Multi-master and slave mode operation will be supported in a future version of the firmware. The firmware is field upgradeable and updates will be available through this web site when available.

Custom solutions are available by contacting Jova Solutions Sales at 1-866-755-1400.