TIMS-0102 USB to I2C/SPI

Quick and easy method of communicating with devices that use the I2C or SPI communications protocol

Jova Solutions TIMS-0102 USB to I2C and SPI interface adapter offers a quick and easy method of communicating with I2C and SPI devices and circuits. The TIMS-0102 module is completely self-contained and powers itself from the USB interface. The design programmable logic, and programmable clock-rates, all to support rapid prototyping of circuits that use the I2C and SPI protocols.


  • Small Size and Low Price
  • Quick and Easy I2C and SPI Master Mode Communications
  • USB 1.1/2.0 Full Speed Interface
  • Windows, Linux, and LabVIEW Drivers
  • USB Bus Powered



I2C Interface

The TIMS-0102 provides a dedicated DB-9S connector for I2C communications. The I2C clock rate is programmable, with 127 clock settings to provide support for 100KHz, 400KHz, and 1MHz clock rates. The TIMS-0102 supports both 7 and 10 bit I2C addressing and operates as an I2C Master.




SPI Interface

The TIMS-0102 provides a dedicated DB-15S connector for SPI communications. The SPI clock rate is programmable. The TIMS-0102 comes with eight chip-select lines. These chip select lines can be optionally configured so that four lines are used as an address, with a separate chip-select line. The TIMS-0102 operates as an SPI Bus Master.