ISL Customers


Boston Scientific’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of health care delivery through the development and advocacy of less-invasive medical devices and procedures.

Exbiblio is a transformative company that not only develops innovative technology but also drives environmental stewardship — a model of sustainable capitalism for the 21st century.

Flextronics is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on delivering complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to automotive, computing, consumer digital, industrial, infrastructure, medical and mobile OEMs.

HP, the world's largest technology company, simplifies the technology experience for consumers and businesses with a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure.

MFLEX is one of the largest global flexible circuit manufacturers & assemblers.

NASA is the agency of the Federal government of the United States responsible for the nation's public space program.

NoblePeak Vision Corporation, founded two engineers and managers at Bell Laboratories, holds numerous patents in germanium (Ge) on silicon processing. The company is focused on developing and delivering camera cores to camera OEMs that serve the Security and Surveillance markets.

OmniVision Technologies is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Its award-winning CMOS imaging technology enables superior image quality in many of today's consumer and commercial applications, including mobile phones, digital still and video cameras, webcams, security and surveillance, automotive and medical imaging systems.

Palm, Inc. creates intuitive and powerful mobile experiences that enable consumers and businesses to connect to their information in more useful and useable ways. The company's groundbreaking Palm webOS(TM) platform, designed exclusively for mobile application, introduces true multitasking and Palm Synergy(TM), which brings your information from the many places it resides into a single, more comprehensive view of your life.

Siimpel Corporation has been in the business of innovation since its original founding in 2000 as SiWave, and has created the smallest high port count optical switches in the world, packaged MEMS components for NASA's Mars rovers, developed the world's first MEMS horizon sensor, developed the highest precision laser ranging system, and created the world's smallest stages using MEMS technology.


Tessera Technologies, Inc. invests in, licenses and delivers innovative miniaturization technologies that transform next-generation electronic devices. Tessera’s imaging and optics solutions provide low-cost, high-quality camera functionality in electronic products and include image sensor packaging, wafer-level optics and image enhancement intellectual property.

TSMC created the semiconductor dedicated foundry industry in 1987, and continues as the market leader.

Vista Point Technologies (VPT), a business division of Flextronics International, is an industry leading provider of optomechatronics solutions for mobile imaging, consumer devices and gaming.