Image Sensor Tester Hardware

Jova Solutions' Image Sensor Testers are the most comprehensive, lowest cost test solutions for image sensor devices, camera modules, and imaging systems. Both the cost-effective ISL-3200 and the high-performance ILS-4800 are fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software solutions that provide a full range of interfaces, controls, advanced image analysis test routines, evaluation, and characterization capabilities in one easy to use low-cost, small-footprint solution.

   ISL-3200  ISL-4800
 Target Application Cost Effective High Performance
Adjustable Power Supplies  12  12
 Programmable Clock  0-68 MHz.  0-68 MHz.
 Sensor Communication  I2C, SPI  I2C, SPI
 16-bit Parallel Capture  to 100MHz.  to 250MHz.
MIPI CSI-2 Serial Interface NO

1,2,4-Lane - 960Mbps/lane

SMIA CCP2 Serial Interface  NO  650 Mbps
Video Parallel Only Parallel, DVI, HDMI, Camera Link
 Host Interface  USB or 1xPCIe  4xPCIe