Cost Effective Image Sensor Test and Characterization

From your desktop to fully automated volume manufacturing

Jova Solutions' Image Sensor Lab™ (ISL) is a fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software test solution for image sensors and camera modules. It provides a full range of CMOS image sensor interface, control, test, evaluation, and comparison capabilities in one low-cost, small-footprint package. Image Sensor Lab supports testing on a wide variety of CMOS image sensors, with a full complement of evaluation and test functionality, including a suite of advanced image analysis routines to perform CMOS image characterization tests. Its functionality and ease of use far surpass in-house, pieced-together systems or manufacturers’ evaluation boards.









Image Sensor Tester Hardware

Jova Solutions' Image Sensor Testers are the most comprehensive, lowest cost test solutions for image sensor devices, camera modules, and imaging systems. Both the cost-effective ISL-3200 and the high-performance ILS-4800 are fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software solutions that provide a full range of interfaces, controls, advanced image analysis test routines, evaluation, and characterization capabilities in one easy to use low-cost, small-footprint solution.

   ISL-3200  ISL-4800
 Target Application Cost Effective High Performance
Adjustable Power Supplies  12  12
 Programmable Clock  0-68 MHz.  0-68 MHz.
 Sensor Communication  I2C, SPI  I2C, SPI
 16-bit Parallel Capture  to 100MHz.  to 250MHz.
MIPI CSI-2 Serial Interface NO

1,2,4-Lane - 960Mbps/lane

SMIA CCP2 Serial Interface  NO  650 Mbps
Video Parallel Only Parallel, DVI, HDMI, Camera Link
 Host Interface  USB or 1xPCIe  4xPCIe