Direct control over your imaging device or image acquisition hardware means that you can perform real-time image or video analysis and avoid the time consuming hurdle of hand processing and manipulating image files. Having the ability to control the imaging device also means that you will also be able to completely automate some of the more time consuming analysis and characterization tests that require multiple images at different exposures. Reduce hours long tedious tasks to minute long fully automated simple procedures.

ISL Advanced Analysis™ Version 4.0 can directly control the following types of devices and hardware:


  • USB Cameras
  • FireWire (IEEE-1394) Cameras
  • GigE Vision Cameras

Image Sensors:

 Video Sources:

  • USB Video
  • FireWire (IEEE-1394) Video
  • GigE Vision Video 


  • National Instruments - Entire Product Line
  • Dalsa/Coreco



Jova Solutions ISL-3200 Most fully featured complete integration. Best suited for image sensors and parallel output cameras and video devices. ISL hardware includes power supplies, programmable clocks, additional I/O and instrumentation. 
USB Any DirectShow compatable USB imaging device can used. Camera control is also provided including the ability to select any of the device supported image size/resolution settings. 
IEEE-1394 (FireWire) A serial bus interface commonly used for digital video. Nearly all commercially available camcorders include the IEEE-1394 interface. This interface is also known by the brand names FireWire (Apple), i.LINK (Sony), and Lynx (Texas Instruments). Any IIDC-compliant IEEE-1394 camera is supported by ISL Advanced Analysis V4.0.
GigE Vision An interface standard for high-speed industrial cameras (Overseen by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA)).

National Instruments Cameras and FrameGrabbers

The entire line of National Instruments imaging devices is supported including NI SmartCameras, Embedded Imaging Systems, and a variety of plug-in framegrabbers supporting analog, parallel, Camera Link, and GigE devices. Any NI-IMAQ or NI-IMAQdx supported device is also supported by ISL Advanced Analysis V4.0
Dalsa/Coreco FrameGrabbers

The following Dalsa/Coreco Sapera LT framegrabbers are supported

  • X64 Series
  • Bandit II Series (Bandit-II CV, Bandit-II RGB, Bandit-II MV)
  • Viper Series (Viper-Camlink, Viper-Quad, Viper-RGB)