TIMS-0201 Stepper Motor Controller

Quick and easy method of controlling single-phase stepper motors

Product Benefits and Key Features

Jova Solutions TIMS-0201™ single axis stepper motor controllers are low cost “plug and play” solutions for operating small to midsize stepping motors. A USB interface, now standard on all PCs and laptops, eliminates the need for PCI plug-in cards and costly installations. The USB 1.1/2.0 full speed interface allows you to rapidly connect, disconnect and move the TIMS-0201 module without needing a time consuming installation or computer reboot.

The TIMS-0201 stepper motor controller contains general purpose I/O pins with software configurable functionality including digital input, digital output, counter/timer input, PWM output or analog input. The GPIO pins can also be programmed to be home, reverse or forward limit switch inputs or quadrature encoder inputs.

TIMS-0201 Stepper Motor Controller
  • USB Interface
  • Home, Forward and Reverse Limit Inputs
  • Adjustable Current Level
  • Quadrature Encoder Inputs
  • Motor Voltage and Current Measurement
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Accepts 10-40 Volt, up to 2A, Power Supply
  • Half-step and Full-step Capability
  • General Purpose I/O Pins (DIO, AI, T/C, PWM)
  • Bipolar Constant Current Motor Drive with Wide Range of Programmable Current Control 5-1000 mA

LabVIEW Instrument Driver Library

The TIMS-0201 stepper motor controler comes with a DLL driver and complete LabVIEW instrument driver library.

Input Signals Home, CW and CCW Limits, and quadrature encoder inputs are available for each motor.
Stepper Motor Interface Outputs
There are six output lines for direct connection to the stepper motor. Winding motors A and B each have Phase A, Phase B, and Center Tap outputs.
Power Supply
Each TIMS-0201 stepper motor controller has a 2.1 mm connector that accepts power from an external +10 to +40 Vdc power supply. USB provides 5-volt power to the on-board logic circuitry.
Driver Software
A driver DLL, with a fully documented API, is supplied for a variety of standard motion control functions. A complete LabVIEW driver library is also supplied for ease of integration into LabVIEW programs.
TIMS-0201 Stepper Motor Commands

The TIMS-0201's stepper motor controllers on-board programmable controller provides step output signals to the driver circuits. A 32-bit position register tracks motor position using internal counts or the optional encoder inputs. The TIMS 0201 library of commands provide flexibility and programming ease.


  • Read/Set Step Count
  • Read/Set Encoder Count
  • Get Target Position
  • Enable/Disable Encoder


  • Get/Set Motor Current Limit
  • Read Motor Winding Voltage + Current
  • Get Motor Status
  • Set/Get Seek Step Rate
  • Seek Home
  • Seek Forward/Reverse Limit
  • Get/Set Soft Limits
  • Get/Set GPIO Configuration
  • Read/Write DIO
  • Set/Read Timer/Counter
  • Get/Set PWM


  • Get/Set Step Rate
  • Move Absolute/Relative
  • Move Continuos
  • Single Step
  • Stop
TIMS-0201 Physical Specification
TIMS-0201 Physical Specification
Motor Type Supported 2-Phase Operating Temperature 0 to +50 deg C
Axes 1 Storage Temperature -40 deg C to +125 deg C
Max Amps/Phase 1.0 Max Plate Temperature +70 deg C
Step Rate Maximum 4000 Steps/sec Height (in.) 1.3
Resolution (steps) 1/2 or Full Width (in.) 4
Programmable Current Yes Depth (in.) 3
Limit Switch Support Yes
Quadrature Encoder Inputs Yes
General Purpose I/O 6