Jova Solutions Announces Low-Cost CMOS Image Sensor Tester ISL-3200

ISL-3200, a “Game-Changing” Approach, Epitomizes Industry Trend Toward Low-Cost, High-Function Testers at a Fraction of ATE Prices

September 29, 2009 04:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Jova Solutions, a pioneer in low-cost, high-function automated testing solutions, today announced its next-generation image sensor tester, the ISL-3200. The ISL-3200 is a CMOS image sensor test and measurement system, which, for as little as $9,995, provides the integrated hardware and software required for testing a wide variety of image sensor devices and systems. The ISL-3200 epitomizes an industry trend toward cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for a variety of test environments -- from QA test in volume manufacturing to engineering characterization and image quality analysis.

In developing the ISL-3200, its third-generation semiconductor test system, Jova leveraged over a decade of experience with more than 50 customers, including image sensor die manufacturers, module developers, and end-product manufacturers. It worked closely with industry icons Hewlett-Packard, OmniVision, and VistaPoint Technologies (Flextronics) to deliver the critical functionality to meet current and future image sensor testing requirements, for less than a tenth of the price of a fully featured, high-end Automated Test Equipment (ATE).

“ISL-3200 early evaluators at key customer sites tell us it delivers the most important features and functions of a large ATE at a fraction of the price. The low price and the ability to quickly deploy multiple test units is leading our customers to rethink their test strategies. This leads to dramatic improvements in productivity and time to market,” said Doron Simon, CEO, Jova Solutions.

“The new ISL-3200, which incorporates feedback from a wide range of our customers, offers a ground-breaking approach for engineering to production testing of CMOS and CCD image sensor and camera modules, with real-time image and video testing,” said Martin Vasey, Vice President of Jova Solutions’ ISL Business Unit. “Our early product testing with customers worldwide, in both production and development, makes us confident that we hit the sweet spot of price/performance that the market is seeking.”

Main features of the ISL-3200 test platform include:

  • Low cost – under $10,000 (for volume purchase of base configuration)
  • Integrated hardware and software with pre-written analysis and characterization routines
  • Optional Advanced Analysis and Test & Automation software packages
  • Field reprogrammable - FPGA
  • Accommodates different image sensors through quickly designed adapter boards
  • Low-noise design – minimizes apparent image noise and yields more accurate testing
  • High-speed PCI Express interface – 200 MBytes/sec effective data rate
  • High-speed serial devices, including MIPI/SMIA, can be supported through adapter board
  • Supports high resolution sensors – up to 64 Megapixel
  • Low-noise, isolated power supplies
  • 12/24-bit ADC for fast and accurate voltage measurement
  • I2C, SPI, and UART sensor communication capabilities
  • Image data rate of up to 16-bit wide per pixel at 100 MHz
  • Supports analog output sensors with custom circuitry on an adapter board

Price and Availability: The ISL-3200 base unit is available now for $9,995.00 for high-volume purchases. The base unit includes the ISL-3200 hardware with a USB interface and ISL basic application software, which gives users direct control of the ISL-3200 hardware for communicating with, and acquiring images from, an image sensor. The ISL-3200 Advanced Analysis and the Test and Automation Suite are also available.

About Jova Solutions

Jova Solutions ( provides advanced hardware and integrated software solutions for image sensor testing through its ISL test platform and related software. Founded in 2000, the company has been serving a wide array of leading customers in semiconductor and systems design through its ISL product line (; and in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cleantech areas through its Fermworks product line (


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