Jova Solutions develops advanced systems for distributed process control and data management for science and industry. Leveraging its proven core software platform for process control, Jova Solutions creates comprehensive software and hardware solutions to meet the business and technical requirements of specific markets and customers.

Our most recent product, the Image Sensor Lab™ (ISL-4800) is a fully integrated, off-the-shelf, hardware/software test solution for image sensors and camera modules. It provides designers, test engineers, contract manufacturers and QA personnel a full range of CMOS image sensor interface, control, test, evaluation, and comparison capabilities in one low-cost, small-footprint package.

Jova Solutions product portfolio also includes low-cost USB instrumentation modules suitable for a variety of process and test automation tasks.

Jova Solutions provides professional design and development teams for specialized process control and data management requirements. The Hardware Design and Development Team provides rapid development of electronic circuits and boards for test, measurement, automation, and other consumer and industrial uses. The Software Development Services Team provides specialized custom software development.

Jova Solutions is a private, employee-owned company, co-founded in 2000 by Martin Vasey and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.